Where oh Where is McFramblin? 

After 12,380 miles and 22 states, I’ve enjoyed a month being home in Arlington.  Friends, former co-workers and neighbors have kept me busy with invitations to dinners, coffees, drinks and entertainment.  In quiet moments at home, I’m planning the next rambles.  If you look on the sidebar of the blog there are links to detailed maps on each of my past journeys as well as those on the drawing board.  A lot to fill in but already over 6,500 miles in upcoming trips.  As always advice and tips are appreciated.

In my first cross country trip, reuniting with family and friends was a highlight.  Thanks to everyone who put me up for a night or took time to head out for a meal, a drink or a hike.  I am truly blessed.


Of course my best traveling companion was Linda.  We had some glorious adventures already.   Just wait until the trips ahead to Hawaii’s Merrie Monarch Festival, NASCAR in Bristol Tennessee, music clubs in Nashville and Chatanooga, the opening of The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL and New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.    Those are all just in April!!


PS  If you haven’t checked out the new smaller music venues on the wharf in DC, I’d highly recommend them.  Many of us have enjoyed popular acts at the Anthem but I hadn’t discovered Pearl Street Warehouse and Union Stage before I left (or learned about the array of house parties hosted by DCDIT).  Great to see a spotlight on local acts and return to a vibrant and growing music scene.

2 thoughts on “Where oh Where is McFramblin? ”

  1. I hope to get to see you when you head toward Philly. I live in Ardmore and there is a little place called the Ardmore Music Hall right up the street from me. Reminds me of the very, very early days of the Birchmere when it used to be in Arlandria! I have a spare bedroom and am within walking distance! Here is their website ardmoremusichall.com.


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