Traversing Colorado

Six days in Colorado and my step count soared.  The contrast with Kansas was astounding once I made it through the High Plains of Eastern Colorado to Denver.  From that point on the mountains rose above my head – often seeming to swallow the sun as the highway cut through narrow passes.  As with Kansas, I took advantage of brew pubs to revive my energy and alternated between ski towns and more rustic accommodations in towns overlooked by the hordes heading to the slopes.

Eagle CabinThanks to AirBnB I found a cozy cabin in Eagle Colorado where I immersed in the small town and recharged.  The PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups) were kind enough to invite me to spend time in Aspen at their annual staff and alumni retreat.  While the snow was sparse for skiing I was able to get in some great hikes and luxuriated in the celebration of this network’s accomplishments over the decades.

RedstoneAt the end of that week, Linda flew in and we started the next stage of our adventure.  We spent a lovely night in an old lodge in Redstone with fascinating history.  It was the brainchild of a turn-of-the century entrepreneur that built a coal mining empire and constructed the Inn to house bachelor workers as part of his welfare capitalism approach to break unionizing efforts.

The next day we were off to Mesa Verde, which took our breath away.  This national treasure has more than 600 cliff dwellings dating from 600 to 1300 AD.

Mesa Verde

As startling was the abject poverty in the valleys we drove through on the way to Cortez, Colorado where mobile homes in severe disrepair littered the landscape.  The contrast of the wealth in Aspen, Telluride and Vail with these hamlets was hard to reconcile.

Next is Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas . . .

Things not to miss:

Dinosaur Tracks
Dinosaur tracks at Dinosaur Ridge
Delicious Food at Tocabe

3 thoughts on “Traversing Colorado”

  1. Harper is at Boulder for college but after 22 states with Bernie, he is all in for New Mexico, you can report you thoughts.


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