The journey begins with your help

If you have made it to this page, you know I plan take a “gap year” to travel around the United States for what I’m calling my 50 states of Rambling, Listening, Celebrating and Reflecting.  (Yes I plan to get to every state depending on where the road leads.)

This site offers an opportunity for me to post updates and seek advice.  Before I start the first leg of my journey, I’m seeking your  insights on the questions below and others I’ve failed to ask.

  • While you are in _________ (state, city, region) you should really . . .
    • Meet with _________  over lunch or coffee to discuss . . .
    • Catch some music at this festival, club, event, . . .
    • Go to this vista, road side attraction, national park, swimming hole, . . .
    • Hunker down at this bar, diner, hole-in-the-wall, . . .
  • To understand this state or region, listen to this musician, book on tape, podcast, genre of music . . .
  • In fact, you should connect up with _________ while on the road to learn more about _________ or stay at  _________

Please send your thoughts to or through the comment function.

I’ll do my best to post short updates here and quirky photos on Instagram at caudellfeagan.  On October 26th, I start with a trip to New Orleans for VoodooFest with my family (Alex, Emily, Jane, Josh, Leah, Lincoln, Linda, Lucas and Mollie will kick off the gap year with me).  The following week is the first road trip through Louisiana and Mississippi.

I can’t wait to start the journey!

13 thoughts on “The journey begins with your help”

  1. There is a “Grand Canyon” in Mississippi that’s worth a gandor.

    Swing through Atlanta and see me – we’ve got a spare bedroom ready for you and Linda.

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  2. Congratulations on the next phase of your life. Please come to Long Beach. Stay in our guest room. Kayak, bike ride, and enjoy the ocean. Xoxo. Sue And Tom.

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  3. Looking forward to many tales and insights along the way. Enjoy the well-earned, and undoubtedly fertile, break! Congrats and thank you for all the good you’ve made happen! Sandy

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  4. When you are in New Mexico you should be sure to visit White Sands national monument – over 200 square miles of white sand dunes – absolutely gorgeous at sunset and you can slide down the dunes with sleds. Also, in Albuquerque stop at Los Poblanos Organic Lavender Farm for dinner or an overnight stay. You can dip in the pool, see the Sandia mountains in the background of the lavender fields, and meet the resident peacocks. If you need more NM recommendations (or Michigan recommendations – Sleeping Bear dunes, local haunts in Ann Arbor, etc.) feel free to PM me. Safe travels! ~Casey

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